Our team is an eclectic group of personalities who all share the same fundamental vision - a commitment to the highest level of standards.


Nicholas Grossman

Growing up in the construction industry allowed for Nick to learn the fundamentals of construction from a very early age. His military experience lends itself to his relentless attention to detail and his degrees in both business management and construction management bring everything full circle. Prior to starting Grossman Building Group, he worked first as project manager for large scale multi-family and commercial projects and then as a project manager for large, complex custom residences. His disciplined approach transcends itself throughout the company.

Joseph Frank
Project Manager

Joseph Frank

Joe grew up with a hammer in his hand. He is the epitome of a master craftsman and his passion for detail is unrivaled. Joe comes from a hands-on background and his hands-on approach accompanies him in the field. He is an expert in millwork and casework and his eye for detail is second to none. He is heavily involved at every level of construction from the foundation to the finishing details. His innovative problem solving and construction techniques are highly valued in the company and his relationships with the subcontractor base, engineers, architects, and design professionals ensure that all details are translated meticulously in the field.

LL.M. Taxation, CFO

Elizabeth B. Grossman Esq.

With her previous experience as a real estate attorney and a track record of strong performance in high-volume, high-pressure environments, Elizabeth brings a unique set of skills to our company. Elizabeth ensures the smooth operation of the client file from beginning to completion. With her ability to communicate and coordinate with clients' legal representation, her robust knowledge of contracts that ensure client protection, and the most cautious and meticulous handling of client funds, the process feels seamless. Clients should feel at ease knowing the administration of their project is being handled by someone who is ever conscious of all relevant ethical and legal issues.